A Golden Girl during Golden Week

My first name Obehi means “God’s hand” which can also be interpreted as “everything is in God’s hands”. Imarenezor, my last name means, “we did not come here for trouble.”

The two are Nigerian traditional names. My mother and father are Nigerian, and my sisters and I are American-born. However, I still wear my Nigerian heritage on my sleeve and growing up I have always practiced my culture’s traditions in and outside of my household. Growing up as a Nigerian-American has pushed me to embrace not only my cultural background but other culture as well.

Outside of the amazing China Open opportunities, one of the main reasons that I pursued this specific study abroad trip was because I have always been fascinated with the Chinese culture.

On October 1st, 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation. So each year on that day Nigerians across the world celebrate our independence.

Last year, I celebrated my Nigerian Independence Day in Atlanta with my sister and a close cousin of ours who lives in Georgia. After such a fun experience in ATL I promised myself that I’d plan a trip every year to celebrate.

This year I knew I’d be in China on Nigerian Independence Day, so I kept my promise in a way. Not to mention I packed an amazing Ankara print peplum top, so that I could still represent in an entirely different country. 🇳🇬

What are the odds that October 1st is also a public holiday in the People’s Republic of China to celebrate the national day? This holiday is also celebrated annually and it sparks off “Golden Week” a seven-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th, where people can enjoy by spending time with family, traveling, etc.

This is a really big holiday and it is very special to the Chinese people, so it was an honor to experience the best of both countries and of course doing it with style and grace!

I even agreed to an interview with a #FutureJournalist in Beijing to tell him about my experiences in his beautiful country while working for the open!


For the love of THRIFT

Have you ever experienced going to a certain store for one specific item, but leaving the place with everything but what you originally came for, or even more items than you expected to buy? That is literally the story of my life.

I noticed that happens to me a lot at thrift stores. My slight obsession for thrifting began my freshman year of high school in 2010, when my mom asked me if I’d like to tag a long with her to go to one.

It was a random Saturday morning, and I can admit that at first I was skeptical to join my mom, because in my mind thrift stores weren’t where the “cool kids” were shopping.

To make a long story short, I decided to go with her, and I was mind blown at my finds. My two favorite things to do are find unique pieces and bargain shop. Not only were the thrift store full great clothes, but also they were super cheap.

I was so shocked, and until this day I still can’t believe my pride was going to stop me from checking it out and giving it a chance. I found both trendy and vintage pieces, and nearly eight years later; I still love a good trip to any thrift store.

The day before I left for China, I was making a lot of last minute runs.

On my list of things to do was to stop by a local thrift store to specifically buy a t-shirt displaying the American flag or some sort of U.S.A. representation.

I recently visited the local Goodwill not too far from my university’s campus.

One thing about thrift stores is that you never know what you’re getting into. You can’t expect them to have something specific because there’s a 50/50 chance something of that nature will be present.

However, it was my luck day and I found one.

Now it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take an extra look around the store out of curiosity.

I started looking around and these mustard pants that were originally from Forever 21 were cute so I decided to put them aside to try them on.

I went by the women’s shirts section and found this multi-colored top with ruffled wrists, which really stood out to me. One of the colors in the top happened to be the exact mustard color of my pants that I had found a few minutes before. I decided to try the two on and they ended up being a perfect match.

I originally planned to wear this outfit on a random day in China while sight-seeing, but once I got a feel of how relaxed the atmosphere of the office was (jeans, sneakers, etc) at China Open, I decided to hang my dresses and blazers up and throw on something more casual so this was the final look:

Top: $3.50

Bottoms: $2.50

Sandals: $20

Happiness after a successfully slated bargain: PRICELESS 

Study Abroad: 2017 China Tennis Open

It’s finally here!
It is an honor to be able to represent the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism at the China Tennis Open, a premier international tennis event this fall.
It has always been a dream of mine to study abroad. However, over the years it seemed unrealistic due to its high costs. The moment the opportunity was presented, I decided that I would do everything in my power to make my dream of reporting internationally a reality.
After fundraising all summer and saving every check from two jobs, my hard work
really paid off and yesterday, I boarded a plane to Beijing, China.
Falyn was selected as well!
I am blessed to have friends I can conquer mygoals with while we support one another. When we first heard about the opportunity, we both decided to apply, and promised each other that this is something that we would do together.
Well here we are turning our dreams to a reality, and I can’t picture myself going on this journalism journey with anyone else.
Look out China, the #BEIJINGBABES are on the way!



My First Girls Trip: Las Vegas Edition

Everyone doesn’t always get the chance to see different places/things. That’s why I love taking advantage of traveling as much as I can.
Some could’ve mistaken me for being on the run, the way I traveled back to back in the past two months.
I drove from Missouri to Chicago, then from Chicago I went off to New Orleans in early August, and then Vegas an exact month later.
I guess it’s safe to say that I just can’t stay in one place.
Honestly, who would pass up one of their best girlfriend’s birthday trips to Vegas anyway?
 This was my first time going to Vegas and my also my first “girls trips”.
Falyn’s originally from Houston, Texas so on trip was three of her best friends from back at home and six of her closest friends at Mizzou, including myself.
 We we’re 10 girls in totally, and definitely had a ball!
The first night, all of Falyn’s friends color coordinated with all black, while Falyn wore a silver sequin dress.

My outfit of the night was a black cross body cocktail dress that I found on clearance at the AKIRA in Woodfield Mall for $15…yes FIFTEEN DOLLARS.
The dress was on sale because of a broken gold chain that wrapped around the mid-section of the dress. The dress looked better without, but I cut the seam on it and removed it from the dress, for that “all black” look.


My shoes were a BOGO for 50 percent off at my local Charlotte Russe, at school, and they ended up being around $25. My green and black clutch bag was $12 at my local Plato’s Closet.
 $60 bargain, slayed.
Day two was pool day parties, so we got dressed and color coordinated!
We all wore black swimsuits, while the birthday girl (middle) sported her nude and black two-piece.
Everything was so fun and we toured a couple of places and day parties, Vegas style. My favorite was Drai’s Night and Beach club, we all of the girls actually to this picture:
My swimsuit was actually $14 with free two-day shipping through Amazon Prime.
Day three confirmed that Sunday’s are indeed for brunch, so I’m sure you know what went on, that last morning in Vegas. We all got dressed to impress, and ready to cure our food stress. Everyone wore beautiful daytime outfits, and everything was so colorful, and unintentionally matched so well. I feel like any sort of trip should promote good vibes, but also specifically birthday trips.
As long as everyone is friendly, (which was our case), the vibes are usually awesome.
My dress was $18 at Plato’s closet in Orland Park, Illinois.
The shoes are from Steve Madden for about $20, and the clutch bag I bought for $10 at a boutique in the
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
Overall everything turned out very cute, and everyone looked great, and the vibes were absolutely amazing! I’m looking forward to taking more girls trips in the future.






Farewell Summer Seventeen

Although high summer temperatures refuse to let up

…Fall is officially here.

The Fall season comes with amazing perks such as fashion, food (preferably Thanksgiving), and the overall feeling that come along with it. As excited as I am, I can truly say my summer had a great run.

When I first envisioned the summer of 2017, I basically saw myself re-doing the moves that I made my summer of 2016.

The plan was to do concerts, intern in another big city, network/make important connections, take an online course or two, and casually slaying outfits while doing all of the above.

Coincidentally, I ended up doing just that, just a little differently.

In honor of such a successful summer, I decided to take a look back and highlight two of my favorite things I did this summer.

  1. I became an Entertainment News Anchor for Celebified!


During one of the last few weeks in Journalism school sent out emails that Tasty Productions were have a casting call for anchors. At that point I hadn’t heard back from any internships and I was grateful for any opportunities that were presented. I did my research, went to the casting call and got hired on the spot.

2. STL TO Chicago: Obehi and Hailey Takes 21

This is one of my good friends Hailey, and she’s from St Louis. We met at Mizzou our freshman year, and we’ve been great friends since.

We share the same B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y, (06-22-1996). We both major in Journalism, and our high school mascots was a Hawk, which is kind of funny.

In additional to that were both worked at the same pizzeria, and she worked for Tasty on the side too. Did I mention that we’re sorority sisters?

I can’t remember the last time we’ve gotten tired of being around each other, because it’s always a celebration when the two of us we link up.

Hailey has never really experienced Chicago, so we decided to bring in our 21st birthday together in the CHI. Most people travel for their 21st but home was where my heart was to celebrate age milestone.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of us from the weekend:


This is a before photo of us posing at Charlotte Russe at our local mall after finding birthday outfits styled by myself. I figured everything else in our lives align so why not our birthday outfits, too?


The (after) finished product. This photo was taken at our hotel room in Downtown Chicago, before heading out to a club with some of our closest friends.

This is my absolute favorite photo of us! I showed her around Downtown Chicago. Where we went sight seeing, shopping, and got great food. She loved it, and the city looked AH-mazing on her.

21 was a success, can’t you tell?



Waist Training at a fair price.

The history of waist training, also known as waist clinching, traces back to the 1900s. Waist training started being practiced during the Victorian era in Europe and eventually made its way to America. It all began with the invention of the corset, a fitted undergarment that is worn to shape a woman’s figure.


If you have come to the conclusion that the ultimate objective of waist training is so that one can receive what people refer to as “the figure 8” or “hour glass” shape, you are indeed correct.


Who would have thought that an entire century later, waist training would still be popular among women of all ages?

Waist training can be done with a corset or a waist trimmer, which can both be purchased at multiple locations. The corset can typically be found online for purchase. However, different women have been selling these corsets via Instagram, the photo sharing social media outlet.

On to the most popular question…how much will this practice cost you!

Depending on the vendor waist training corsets can range from forty to one hundred dollars.


Yikes! If you can afford that, then hey, more power to you.However, I started waist training about a year ago, and as a broke college student, the expensive Instagram route was just simply not an option. 

So what does one do to achieve this “coke bottle” figure, but at a fair price?

My motto is: There’s always a something cheaper. I researched, and came across a waist trimmer. Waist trimmers help you achieve the same objective as the corset but at more fair price. I visited my local Wal-Mart and found a Gold’s Gym waist trimmer for the price of  F I V E D O L L A R S.


I personally have had great results with the basic Gold’s Gym waist trimmer. I was going to the gym regularly at the same time. Whenever I was not at the gym, I would wear this waist trimmer absolutely everywhere: work, the grocery store, and even to bed. What I personally like the most about the waist trimmer versus the corset is that you can wear it under your clothes, and it would remain unnoticeable since it was not as thick as the corset.

I knew the waist trimmer was effective, because I would sweat heavily around my abdominal after every workout. It was only after a month my pants were fitting better, and trust me, a month is fast for results.



Ladies, don’t we all yearn for that figure “8”  body shape? So if your money is tight, but you still insist on getting your body right, try the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer for five dollars at Wal-Mart, I promise you won’t regret it.

Remember: Working out plays a HUGE role in waist training as a whole. For faster results I encourage you to get active!

…..by the looks of it Mr. West is a fan of ladies who waist train!giphy (1).gif




My Foundation Favorites

In my last post, I took a trip down memory lane and shared my first makeup purchase story.

As promised, I am going to share all of my foundation favorites with you all in this post.

For starters, I started off using Makeup Forever foundation powder from Sephora. At the time, this foundation powder was roughly around 38 dollars. Although this foundation seemed like everything, I was definitely naive for thinking that it was the only one out there.

In high school, MAC was a very popular makeup brand. People were praised if they had lipstick(s) from MAC, because the lipstick definitely was not cheap. One day I was in Macy’s, and I decided to stop by MAC, which happened to be attached to the department store. This was my first time really looking around and I noticed that they had foundation powder that was similar to the one I bought at Sephora, just made by different brands. Not to mention MAC, the popular name brand, had c h e a p e r foundation powder. Like 10 dollars cheaper. I was so flabbergasted at the fact that foundation wasn’t only sold at Sephora. Which made me think, “What else is out there?”

I’m a very adventurous individual who like to try new products, so I decided to venture away and try cheaper brands in hopes that my skin would mesh well with them.

The first foundation that I tried was not powder, however this time it was liquid foundation. It is by the Black Opal brand, and this specific shade was called “nutmeg”. I loved how “nutmeg” blended with my skin, I actually liked it more than both MAC and Sephora. Not to mention “nutmeg” by Black Opal was being sold at Wal-Mart for 12 dollars. That’s 25-30 dollars cheaper than what I initially was used to paying for, so i couldn’t be any less happier.

Now, I have currently switched over to “Fit Me” liquid foundation by Maybelline for better coverage. This particular foundation starts at six dollars. You heard me…”SIX DOLLARS”!

I love how the coverage of this foundation on my skin, and of course I’m obsessed with the quality of the product, with such a reasonable price.

So there you have it Bargain Slayers! Some of my foundation favorites. Remember it’s not always about the quantity…but definitely about the quality. SLAY ON!